The Vietnamese real estate brokerage industry: Confronting obstacles and capitalising on prospects

DNHN - Partners, corporations, and investors are engaging in an increasingly fierce competition on the Vietnamese real estate market. As a result of numerous innovative business models and new initiatives, the market is becoming more alluring.

The Vietnamese real estate market is experiencing many fluctuations that require new changes for professionals. (Illustration).
The Vietnamese real estate market is experiencing many fluctuations that require new changes for professionals. (Illustration)..

Difficulties posed by the real estate market

The Vietnamese real estate market will experience significant volatility in 2023, presenting formidable obstacles for experts in real estate brokerage. Due to intense competition, limited supply, and the growing intricacy of real estate transactions, brokers are compelled to enhance their abilities to endure and progress.

Particularly in major cities, the issue of limited supply continues to be a significant obstacle. As a result, house and land prices have increased, posing challenges for prospective buyers, particularly young individuals seeking opportunities to purchase a home.

Since the middle of 2022, there has been a discernible period of inactivity in the real estate sector. Regardless of the positive indicators, certain investors continue to harbour concerns regarding the market's future.

As a result, contemporary real estate investors have acquired a greater depth of understanding, thereby exhibiting a higher level of professionalism throughout the investment procedure. Real estate purchasers are likewise augmenting their understanding of the market, encompassing legal intricacies, prevailing price patterns, and the potential for regional progress.

The Vietnamese real estate market is anticipated to continue expanding by 2024, presenting numerous new challenges and opportunities. Real estate brokers must possess in-depth negotiation and consulting abilities, as well as market intelligence, professional expertise, and the ability to utilise technology to reach multi-channel clients, to thrive and advance in this industry.

VARs Connect Tour is an innovative real estate brokerage solution.

Recognising the obstacles and challenges at hand, the Vietnam Association of Real Estate Brokers (VARS) orchestrated the "VARs Connect Tour"—a sequence of hands-on instruction designed to elevate the calibre of brokers and furnish them with contemporary customer outreach solutions. 4.0".

A sequence of in-person educational sessions will be held nationwide between December 9 and January 18, 2024, with the primary objective of enhancing the proficiency of real estate professionals through the implementation of technological advancements. Numerous engaging and practical activities and content for brokers, along with the participation of reputable experts, businesses, investors, media outlets, and newspapers, contribute to their professional development.

Not only does the VARs Connect Tour provide attendees with expert-level knowledge, but it also provides Brokers and Exchanges with a crucial opportunity to connect directly with the community, thereby creating new avenues for collaboration and promotion. Advocate for individual and corporate brands.

VARs Connect Tour 2023 will be present in Da Nang on December 13
VARs Connect Tour 2023 will be present in Da Nang on December 13.

The December 13 event "VARs Connect Tour Da Nang – Conquering the Real Estate Market 2024" promises to provide vital information regarding the real estate industry, technology management solutions, and the exchange of business and expert opinions. Not only is it an educational opportunity, but it also serves as a vital link, assisting real estate brokers in navigating the dynamic and difficult market of 2024.

After 2023, the VARs Connect Tour is anticipated to reach a significant milestone, serving as a representation of VARS's ongoing endeavours to enhance service quality and elevate the professionalism of its personnel. By actively engaging and exchanging knowledge at this conference in Da Nang, professionals will acquire a comprehensive understanding and proficiency that will enable them to confront formidable obstacles in their respective industries with assurance—ownership of property.

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