Ho Chi Minh City employs a chatbot system to promote intelligent tourism.

Deploying a chatbot system to support tourism information is a crucial component of upgrading and enhancing Ho Chi Minh City's technology to provide tourists with tourism information efficiently and conveniently.

The Digital Media Association organizes Vietnam's first award for digital content creation.

The VCA Awards encourage the digital content creation community to produce high-quality content with significant cultural and educational value, thereby contributing to the growth of the digital content industry and the film industry.

Regional e-commerce ties - leverage for the growth of small and medium-sized businesses

Regional connections on e-commerce platforms create favorable conditions for SME development, revenue growth, and production and business scale expansion.

Install VssID for individuals receiving monthly pensions and social insurance benefits.

To rapidly increase the number of pensioners installing and using VssID, Ho Chi Minh City Social Insurance will coordinate with the City Post Office to establish VssID for pensioners beginning with the September 2023 pension payment period.

Digital transformation will assist real estate brokers in operating transparently and sustainably.

VARS TECH - a member of the Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association (VARS) - has just organized the Conference "Digital Transformation - Enhancing VARS' Role in Developing a Transparent, Stable, and Lasting"

Vietnamese consumers will soon have access to Apple Pay - an electronic payment market

The introduction of Google Wallet preceded the arrival of Apple Pay, which is reportedly the turning point for the electronic payment market in Vietnam.

recognising outstanding digital technology products Make in Vietnam

According to the Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, digital technology companies in Vietnam have developed numerous digital platforms and digital service applications over the years.

In 2022, Quang Ngai has the greatest increase in terms of the Digital Transformation Index (DTI) compared to the country

The Ministry of Information and Communications announced the results of the Digital Transformation Index (DTI) for the year 2022 on the afternoon of July 12 at the Conference to review the first six months of 2023 on national digital transformation

Traditional markets alter in the digital age, according to Phu Tho.

With the change in appearance, product quality, and businesspeople's dynamism and responsiveness to catch up with the digital age, the traditional market has been able to increase its competitiveness and avoid falling behind the competition.

Coc Coc officially participates in the race to integrate artificial intelligence

Coc Coc AI Chat and Coc Coc AI Search are the first two products that demonstrate Coc Coc's commitment to artificial intelligence. Coc Coc launched Coc Coc AI Chat and Coc Coc AI Search to users on May 29.

Piloting using the VNeID app to check in for domestic flights from June 1

People can use personal information on the VneID application (e.g. level 2 electronic identification account) to check in for domestic flights at all U.S. airports beginning on January 1, June 6, and ending on August 1, instead of their citizen IDs.

Enhancing the digital capacity of young people Digital transformation to develop Digital Government

It is one of ten topics covered in the 80-participant 2023 Youth Union - Rural Association training class in the district of Bu Dang, province of Binh Phuoc.

Techfest 2023's initiatives to establish innovative innovation ecosystems

Techfest Vietnam 2023 endeavours to create innovative innovation ecosystems with the participation of the government, large corporations, and eminent domestic and international experts.

FPT accompanies Khanh Hoa for digital transformation and green development

The ceremony announcing the official launch of the Khanh Hoa Investment Promotion Portal is an integral part of the 2023 Khanh Hoa Investment Promotion and Planning Conference.

1.7 million subscribers have standardized personal information

Accordingly, after consulting the National Population Database, businesses have identified approximately 2,3 million subscribers who require standardization.

Metacube offers an e-coin payment technology initiative in Vietnam's smart city

Metacube Joint Stock Company has suggested a regional economic development project in Vietnam that would involve the construction of a smart city using Blockchain technology. Metacube will work with the Korea-Vietnam Economic Support Committee (KVECC) in particular to implement the electronic coin payment technology model in restaurants, fashion retailers, and so on.

Vietnam has become the largest bitcoin trading centre in ASEAN

Vietnam and Thailand have surpassed Singapore as the largest crypto trading centres among the Association of Southeast Asian Nations' ten members, even exceeding financial powerhouse Singapore, which is fighting to adopt regulations to take control of this embryonic area.

Including e-commerce in the regulation of products on the market

In comparison to Circular 26 and Circular 12, the new Draft Circular strengthens restrictions on market items, "including commodities in e-commerce company operations." The Ministry of Science and Technology (Science and Technology) is seeking feedback on a draft Circular governing state inspection of the quality of items on the market.

Why are Vietnamese firms "afraid" of digital transformation?

In recent years, digital transformation has become a natural necessity for many firms, particularly digital transformation in business operations to match shifting customer consumption behaviour. However, most firms are having difficulty determining the best digital transformation strategy.

Ca Mau creates a collaborative economy linked to the digital revolution

In the first half of the year, the 225 cooperatives and 1 union of cooperatives in Ca Mau province generated an average of 300 million VND in income, with a profit of 90 million VND.