Metacube offers an e-coin payment technology initiative in Vietnam's smart city

Metacube Joint Stock Company has suggested a regional economic development project in Vietnam that would involve the construction of a smart city using Blockchain technology. Metacube will work with the Korea-Vietnam Economic Support Committee (KVECC) in particular to implement the electronic coin payment technology model in restaurants, fashion retailers, and so on.

Vietnam has become the largest bitcoin trading centre in ASEAN

Vietnam and Thailand have surpassed Singapore as the largest crypto trading centres among the Association of Southeast Asian Nations' ten members, even exceeding financial powerhouse Singapore, which is fighting to adopt regulations to take control of this embryonic area.

Including e-commerce in the regulation of products on the market

In comparison to Circular 26 and Circular 12, the new Draft Circular strengthens restrictions on market items, "including commodities in e-commerce company operations." The Ministry of Science and Technology (Science and Technology) is seeking feedback on a draft Circular governing state inspection of the quality of items on the market.

Why are Vietnamese firms "afraid" of digital transformation?

In recent years, digital transformation has become a natural necessity for many firms, particularly digital transformation in business operations to match shifting customer consumption behaviour. However, most firms are having difficulty determining the best digital transformation strategy.

Ca Mau creates a collaborative economy linked to the digital revolution

In the first half of the year, the 225 cooperatives and 1 union of cooperatives in Ca Mau province generated an average of 300 million VND in income, with a profit of 90 million VND.

Meey Map launches a completely new version - A breakthrough in online real estate planning search

The value of a real estate is often many times greater than that of other common goods, so the level of profitability and risk also increases in a proportional way. Therefore, it is very necessary to quickly grasp market information, general price level, planning issues ... to make judgments about the growth situation of real estate.

Convenient automatic traffic toll payment via VPBank NEO application

ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) automatic toll collection system has been widely deployed in Vietnam, saving time in circulation, contributing to reducing environmental pollution, helping to limit exposure to avoid and prevent disease.

Vietnam is the Southeast Asia leader in business digitalization

According to Robocash Financial Group research, Vietnam has the highest socioeconomic development with 26.81 points and leads the table in business digitalization with 5.73 points, closely followed by the Philippines with 5.3 points.

HDBank's solution for collecting tuition fees has many benefits that were not expected

Using what has been learned from the digital transformation strategy, HDBank's tuition fee collection solution helps schools, parents, and students get a lot out of it.

The e-commerce logistics market is driven by online purchasing

The expanding number of Internet and smartphone users, as well as a large number of online buyers, are all contributing to the expansion of the Asian market, including Vietnam. This demonstrates that shipping in Vietnam has enormous growth potential...

Vietnam has an Innovation Technology Park Development Village for the first time

One of the purposes of the Industrial Development Village innovation technology officer is to establish a science and technology park as a port of technology import and export, to transfer technology, and to promote the digital economic GDP in Vietnam based on intellectual assets.

The city of Khanh Hoa is far into its digital transformation

Departments, sections, and localities in Khanh Hoa province concentrated on digital transformation in the first months of 2022, with several particular responsibilities.

PC Vinh Phuc: Encourage the use of the Digital Office system.

The digitalization of office work has become a global trend in the age of digital transformation. Vinh Phuc Power Company, a subsidiary of Northern Electricity Corporation, has aggressively introduced and implemented the Digital Office system (D-Office). The marketing of the D-Office software program is aimed at achieving the Company's goal of complete digital transformation in all sectors.

By the end of 2022, at least 250,000 businesses will have access to digital transformation

The Ministry of Information and Communications has determined that by the end of 2022, it is expected that at least 250,000 businesses will be able to access the Digital Transformation Program (SMEdx), update information and raise awareness about digital transformation for businesses.

Vietnam has more than 3,400 new digital technology enterprises in the first half of 2022

The number of digital technology firms in Vietnam has steadily increased over the past several years, from 45,600 in 2019 to 58 000 in 2020 and 64,000 in 2021. The goal is to reach 70,000 firms by 2022.

Industrial Revolution 4.0's impact on the growth of tourism firms in Can Tho

The 4.0 Industry has offered development potential for all economic and social spheres in general, as well as the tourist industry in particular. Tourism firms in Can Tho City must modernise, be proactive, and define particular directions to adapt to the fourth industrial revolution.

Phu Tho: Focus on improving the quality of human resources for digital transformation

For successful digital transformation, together with institutions and technology, one of the important solutions is to build and improve the quality of human resources. Therefore, Phu Tho province is entering the digital transformation process with intertwined advantages and challenges. This is an urgent requirement for each level, each branch, each locality, and each unit in the province.

Ha Long eyes over-20-percent annual growth in cashless payments

Ha Long city is hoping for an average annual growth rate of 20 - 25 percent in the number and value of cashless payments by 2025.

MoIT to authenticate e-contracts from June

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has created the necessary legal framework for the authentication of electronic contracts in Vietnam and is ready to grant operating licences to authenticators from June.

Information portal helps connect Vietnamese businesses

The Department of Enterprise Development, under the Ministry of Planning and Investment, has launched a business information portal to provide information and support services for businesses in Vietnam, especially small and medium enterprises.