Renowned designer Quynh Paris, acclaimed in Europe and the U.S., assumes role of head judge for Miss Glam Business 2024

DNHN - Quynh Paris is recognized as a trailblazer in the field of applied fashion and art. Her collections consistently utilize natural and recycled materials, conveying contemporary messages and promoting environmental protection.

Fashion designer Quynh Paris assumes the role of Head Judge for Miss Glam Business 2024
Fashion designer Quynh Paris assumes the role of Head Judge for Miss Glam Business 2024.

Gaining fame from the fashion capital, Paris, in 2009, Quynh Paris was chosen by Mod’ Art International when selecting top global fashion figures for international runway shows featuring collections that use natural and recycled materials, conveying contemporary messages.

Marking the brand as "Super and Avant-garde," Muriel Piaser, director of Hype and Avant-Garde fashion and development at Pret A Porter Paris, noted in an interview that brands like Quynh Paris were selectively featured in the "Atmosphere Exhibition in Paris," a universe gathering the most advanced names discovered globally. The designer combines references and young talent, reflecting the spirit of the times and providing a unique overview of trends.

Fashion designer Quynh Paris was honored at the World CEO Summit Awards 2023 event in South Korea
Fashion designer Quynh Paris was honored at the World CEO Summit Awards 2023 event in South Korea.

Quynh Paris's graduation designs received absolute top scores and held leading positions in the international student priority ranking. The graduation collection was printed iconically on posters honoring the Fashion program and the workshop on "Applied and Elegant Fashion." The selection by Mod’ Art International, the evaluation by Hype and Avant-Garde, and the development at Pret A Porter Paris are carried out annually, with a rare chance of being chosen again. For nearly 10 years, famous units in the global fashion industry have undergone filtration and selection, making this recognition a lifelong achievement for any fortunate professional designer worldwide.

Breaking into the U.S. fashion market, Quynh Paris showcased the "Looking Towards Future Purity" collection at the Style Fashion Week in Los Angeles. Following the U.S. debut, Quynh Paris received acclaim from major fashion magazines and prominent media outlets such as CNN, FTV, New York Fashion Times, Marie Claire, Vogue, and Elle. Thanks to her knowledge in various art forms and multicultural experiences, Quynh Paris became successful, establishing herself as a pioneering designer in the realm of artistic and innovative fashion, even extending to everyday attire.

As a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), Quynh Paris has been lauded by reputable international fashion magazines like Vogue, New York Fashion Times, The Hollywood Times, and Runway Magazine. International stars including Blanca Blanco, Beyonce, Shon Telle, Dustin Quick, Bai Ling, and Andrea An Derson have chosen Quynh Paris's creations for appearances on global fashion event red carpets, a rare honor for a Vietnamese designer.

Fashion designer Quynh Paris at the Cicon Ho Chi Minh City 2023 event in Vietnam
Fashion designer Quynh Paris at the Cicon Ho Chi Minh City 2023 event in Vietnam.

Invited to the Cicon Ambassador - Creative Industry Forum "Urban - Cultural - Convergence," Quynh Paris, from design achievements to the values brought to the community through recycled and environmentally friendly products, was honored as the ambassador for the World CEO Summit Awards 2023. This prestigious event gathers leaders, politicians, and renowned entrepreneurs from various countries. At the event, Quynh Paris, Cicon's ambassador in the fields of fashion, culture, technology, and the environment in 2023, received awards in both categories: World's Best Fashion Designer and Honorary Ambassador for Cicon.

During the press conference announcing Miss Glam Business 2024 in Ho Chi Minh City, the organizers revealed the decision to appoint talented Vietnamese designer Quynh Paris as the Head Judge of the Miss Glam Business beauty pageant. The competition celebrates the beauty, intelligence, and success of businesswomen in a multi-dimensional and unique contest symbolized by the Green Rose - Strength and Uniqueness. Miss Glam Business emphasizes the confidence, dynamism, and talent of women.

Besides, the competition aims to honor and enhance the status of women in business and society. Focused on discovering and honoring resilient, creative, and passionate women, the competition aligns with modern ideals and criteria for Vietnamese and Korean businesswomen.

"With my experience and certain understanding, I will transmit energy, spreading it to the Vietnamese and Korean contestants. With the spirit of creating a meaningful, fair, and humane playground, as the head judge, I am committed to working fairly and responsibly to select deserving candidates and crown the most convincing Miss Glam Business" - shared designer Quynh Paris.

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