HDBank's solution for collecting tuition fees has many benefits that were not expected

DNHN - Using what has been learned from the digital transformation strategy, HDBank's tuition fee collection solution helps schools, parents, and students get a lot out of it.

HDBank KV is a solution for collecting tuition payments.
HDBank KV is a solution for collecting tuition payments..

Many advantages are available to the school.

Along with broad and deep development, schools are being asked to take on a significant amount of administrative labour. Tuition fee administration, in particular, necessitates a significant amount of time and human resources. Cash payments are also prone to omissions and misinterpretation. To decrease risks and improve management, schools are increasingly shifting to a different manner of collecting tuition money.

Currently, HDBank is a bank that offers a tuition fee collecting service package with a reasonable price, and various incentives, and is appropriate for each collection channel, and is trusted and worked with many schools in Vietnam.

Schools can choose from a variety of appropriate tuition collection channels provided by HDBank, including cash payment at nearly 330 transaction points nationwide, payment via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking service channels, opening a payment gateway by QR code or card on the school's website, and installing a payment POS machine at school.

Successful payment information is rapidly and precisely updated on the school's tuition management system thanks to the use of a connecting solution via an electronic portal jointly supported by HDBank, assisting in the optimization of work.

Parents and students will be pleased with a special incentive.

Students, in addition to schools, benefit from several benefits from HDBank, such as fee exemptions and reductions when creating, and using domestic payment accounts, and debit cards.

Customers who apply for a BFF (Best Friend Forever) credit card with a limit of up to VND 10 million are entitled to an interest-free payment period of up to 45 days and a minimum payment rate of 1%, as well as several offers for 1% cashback up to 600,000 VND each year.

From now until November 15, 2022, parents and students can collect gift points worth 0.2% of the transaction while purchasing and paying with BFF cards, in addition to additional perks such as gift vouchers. Purchase items with 0% instalment payments and receive discounts from HDBank's associate partners. HDBank also provides free insurance packages worth up to 10 million VND per year to BFF credit card members.

Not only does HDBank provide utilities, but it is also launching an online loan program to pay college costs of up to 2 billion VND for a duration of up to 84 months at a special interest rate of only 9.2% per year. As a result, more student families will experience less financial stress while the school's tuition collecting efforts continue as scheduled.

With a funding duration of up to 60 months, HDBank also provides various advantages with consumer loan packages to buy houses and automobiles and serves the lifestyles of professors and school employees.

The new school year 2022 is about to begin, and HDBank's tuition fee collection solution is expected to deliver numerous utilities to ensure the successful implementation of the tuition fee collection strategy, as well as the management of risks, time, and personnel for school.

At the same time, consumer financing solutions designed specifically for school authorities and personnel help to alleviate stress and worry, ensuring that the back-to-school season truly provides joy and purpose to all families with student admittance.

Please visit https://www.hdbank.com.vn/ or contact transaction points nationally for more information on tuition fee collecting options and incentives.

Tram Huyen

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