VPBank customers use fingerprints and faces to authenticate transactions instead of OTP codes

DNHN - VPBank has just launched the fingerprint and face transaction authentication feature on the VPBank NEO digital banking application, applicable to transfer transactions

VPBank is one of the first banks in Vietnam to implement biometric authentication on banking applications, bringing a great deal of convenience and security to customers' transactions. With the launch of this feature, VPBank reaffirms its "customer-centric" strategy and commitment to enhancing the customer experience through comprehensive digitalization.

Customers can authenticate transactions on the VPBank NEO application using fingerprints and faces instead of PIN and Smart OTP. After entering and verifying the recipient's information, the customer only needs to select "confirm" to authenticate the transaction using face or fingerprint recognition. This feature reduces the number of operation steps by two, eliminating the need for customers to re-enter their PIN and confirm the Smart OTP. Fingerprints, faces, etc. are personalization factors that minimize the possibility of forgery and provide the highest level of security available today.


According to VPBank, the security of this feature can be assured to customers. "The Biometrics (Biometrics) authentication method guarantees security and safety using a public key platform. "Biometrics and keys are permanently attached to the device, tying it to the user's identity," VPBank's representative emphasized.

VPBank currently permits customers to make transfers, bill payments, QRPay payments, and mobile phone top-ups/data top-ups within and between banks, with a maximum daily limit of 5 million VND.

VPBank has previously utilized biometric technology in its banking operations. Before this, VPBank implemented voice customer authentication. Now, customers who call VPBank's switchboard will be recognized by voice within 10 to 12 seconds without having to answer security questions. Save time while maintaining safety.

VPBank NEO is positioned as VPBank's all-powerful digital bank, integrating all the utilities and features of electronic banking and employing the most advanced biometric identification technologies to facilitate easy transactions for customers. Simple, practical, and with a high level of safety and security. Customers can register to open an account online utilizing eKYC electronic identification technology, or they can open a virtual credit card and receive a card to pay online within 30 minutes that functions identically to a physical credit card.

Specifically, customers can shop, receive deliveries, book hotels and food services, etc. on a single platform without having to install numerous applications. Using QR-code contactless payments; With a diverse ecosystem of partners and a network of ten of the largest e-wallets on the market today (Momo, ShopeePay, ZaloPay, SmartPay, etc.), VPBank NEO users will be able to enjoy life and conduct transactions swiftly. plans for your own and your family's recreation.

After more than 2 years since its launch, the VPBank NEO digital bank has served nearly 4.5 million customers and is considered one of the applications with the best customer experience in the financial industry. Specifically, the number of customers activating new VPBank NEO in 2022 reached 2.15 million, an increase of 229% over 2021, and the number of transactions in 2022 reached 232 million, an increase of 87% over 2021. Additionally, the number of new credit cards opened on VPBank NEO in 2022 reached 122,639, a 44% increase compared to 2021 and a 6.6-fold increase compared to 2018. (five years ago)

Customers can install biometric authentication on the VPBank NEO application in the following ways to use the feature:

Method 1: Navigate to the VPBank NEO App and tap "Expand" -> Settings -> Authentication Security -> Password. Enable Transaction Authorization

Method 2: On the screen indicating a successful transaction, select "Use face authentication for future transactions" > Activate now > Turn ON Transaction verification.

Hanh Nguyen

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