VNG was named at the top of the best working environment in Vietnam in 2023

DNHN - VNG continues to invest in human development activities despite the economy in general and the technology market, in particular, experiencing many fluctuations after the Covid-19 epidemic.


Great Place to Work (GPTW) recently hosted the 2023 Vietnam Best Workplace event, in which VNG was recognised as one of the top five large-scale companies (with 1,000 or more employees) with a positive work environment. best. According to GPTW, based on survey results from 2022, this agency conducted a comprehensive analysis and solicited employee feedback to select and honour the Top 25 Best Places to Work in Vietnam (including small, medium, and large businesses).

Since 1992, GPTW has been a global authority on corporate culture, offering Emprising, an employee survey platform based on 30 years of research and development. Utilising a trust index, the platform evaluates workplace excellence. The employee survey focuses on exploiting the following five factors: Trust (Credibility), Respect (Respect), Fairness (Fairness), Pride (Pride), and Relationship (Camaraderie).

More than 4,047 VNG employees were invited to participate in the GPTW survey in 2022, with a 73% response rate. All survey indicators received positive ratings of at least 86%, with 97% of employees believing that VNG is a dependable place to work and 94% feeling proud to tell others about their employer. Importantly, 96% of employees agree that "all employees are treated equally in terms of opportunities and treatment," and 95% affirm that VNG has the best working conditions.

In an email sent to all VNG employees at the end of 2022, VNG CEO Le Hong Minh emphasised, "Every employee deserves the best work environment." This is also a promise made by the organisation itself. Set out with the intention of achieving the objective of not only producing products of international standards and stature but also possessing a working environment and culture of international standards.

VNG defines "people are the focus of development" by focusing on building programmes to improve employees' professional and soft skills.

Beginning in 2020, the company will implement the programme VNG Care to Grow: For a new generation of mentally and physically fit employees - with classes in swimming, jogging, yoga, cycling, and modern dance... Posting is conducted without charge. Since 2016, the VNG Run Club has attracted over a thousand individuals who share a passion for running. Regular internal engagement events are held at all VNG offices (domestic and regional), with the participation of over 4000 VNG employees.

In addition to its efforts to optimise business activities, VNG continues to invest in human development activities despite the economy and technology market experiencing significant fluctuations in the aftermath of the Covid-19 epidemic. People.

Every quarter, VNG Connect is held both in-person and online, where VNG's leadership updates all employees on the business situation of each block and answers their questions.

92% of the 1,800 CEOs (CEOs) and CFOs (CFOs) surveyed by Duke University (USA) agree that "work culture will improve business value" Karma". This report highlights that "a cohesive corporate culture will optimise costs, operate efficiently, increase work efficiency, and stimulate employee creativity."

The previous year, Anphabe also announced the top ten workplaces in Vietnam. Therefore, Vietnamese technology companies such as Vingroup, FPT, and Viettel are included.

According to two sources cited by Reuters, VNG stated recently that it wishes to raise $100 million. Maybank is working with the company to raise capital. For this latest funding round, VNG is approaching foreign investment funds and corporate investors. The funds raised will be used for expansion.

VNG intends to list on the Singapore Stock Exchange upon completion of the funding round. According to one source, the listing could occur early next year.

Tu Anh (t/h)

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