Vietnamese small and medium enterprises expand to international markets through BNI

DNHN - BNI Abundance in the HN2 region held the event "International connection BNI Vietnam & BNI Thailand" on March 1 in Hanoi in order to connect and exchange business opportunities.

Event overview.
Event overview..

Representatives from BNI Thailand and BNI Vietnam will introduce their respective areas of expertise at this event, allowing members to connect business opportunities for mutual growth and support. In addition, this event is a place for members to come together to create a common house called prosperity - Abundance, thereby contributing to the building of a Chapter that brings together entrepreneurs with heart - reach - talent - wisdom, Conquer the challenges, and attain the majority of the noble titles of the BNI system.

BNI Abundance in the HN2 region represents the connection and sharing for mutual success and sustainable development.
BNI Abundance in the HN2 region represents the connection and sharing for mutual success and sustainable development..

This event connected and gathered BNI Thailand representatives with business owners who are key leadership members of BNI Abundance in the HN2 region. Ms. Ngo Thi Bich Quyen, Director of BNI Hanoi 2, Mr. Wiboon Tiramongkok, Representative of BNI Thailand and CEO of WVK Group, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Trung, Chairman of the BNI Abundance Chapter,... were in attendance.

Ms. Ngo Thi Bich Quyen, Director of BNI Hanoi 2
Ms. Ngo Thi Bich Quyen, Director of BNI Hanoi 2.

Ms. Ngo Thi Bich Quyen provided six successful tips for 2023 at this event. She divulged: "I have six specific tips to share with all stakeholders in order to reach many successful milestones in 2023. today you are attending First, it's important to have a growth mindset; second, to set specific goals; third, to recruit new members and retain old ones; fourth, to build effective relationships; fifth, to let our values guide us; and sixth, to adhere to the processes."

Following Ms. Quyen's presentation, the event continued with the "Open Exchange" program, where BNI Abundance members from the HN2 region shared their business experiences...

BNI Abundance in the HN2 region has been concentrating on helping small and medium-sized businesses increase their networking opportunities, develop their leadership skills, and focus on growing their internal teams over the past week. Consequently, 84 business opportunities were presented in the past week, with a total transaction value exceeding VND 4 billion.

To achieve this, BNI Abundance in the HN2 region always focuses on the internal resources of small and medium-sized businesses, the member businesses share opportunities with one another and help each other develop through business-matching activities, expand the scope of sales, and broaden the market in order to increase revenue for business owners.

The program "Open Exchange" through the circle of all BNI Abundance members in the HN2 region
The program "Open Exchange" through the circle of all BNI Abundance members in the HN2 region.

As a result of the members' unceasing efforts, today's program honored and rewarded the best members with the week's most noteworthy accomplishments.

Mr. Thithit Atchattabha - Representative of Ber Dee Duang Dee Company.
Mr. Thithit Atchattabha - Representative of Ber Dee Duang Dee Company..

Some BNI Thailand representatives also spoke about themselves and their goals during this networking event in Vietnam. Mr. Thithit Atchattabha, Ber Dee Duang Dee Company's Representative, stated, "My profession is strategic asset planning." My hope is to be able to assist people in living a happier and more prosperous life. I hope that through today's event, I will be able to find individuals who have clear and effective financial strategies and who have aspirations for a prosperous future that I can assist in achieving."

Mr. Worakorn Kajasanee, a representative from CSK Power Technology Company, shared the following at the program: "The current business of designing, installing, and maintaining electrical systems, substations and lighting systems, fire alarm systems, and electronic circuit boards in buildings, I would like to be able to supply factory owners, real estate companies, supermarket centers, workshops, and warehouses,.. The finest service is brought to them.

Mr. Teeradech Lorjakchai.
Mr. Teeradech Lorjakchai..

Mr. Teeradech Lorjakchai - Representative of Somsak Visavaphant Part Company, one of the BNI Thailand representatives, wished that: "My company specializes in the production of wooden furniture, and we have exported numerous lots. Our products are exported to Japan, Italy, and Korea. We are seeking importers or distributors of furniture, resort real estate or general contractors, design ".

Today's extremely difficult business and competitive environment necessitates that businesses develop closer ties with one another. Because only when businesses have a mutual understanding of one another, as well as one another's products and technologies, can they have the quickest business opportunities. Today's connection and exchange session is intended to achieve this objective.

At the event, all participating businesses shared a common desire to network and trade the most lucrative business opportunities. All agree that BNI is an excellent organization for small and medium-sized businesses seeking to expand their business and relationships and increase their revenue. This is a particularly conducive environment for business owners to develop themselves, allowing them to grow their businesses effectively and sustainably. BNI is an international trade association, and its members are constantly adaptable in order to create the optimal networking environment for business owners within the BNI community.

Business owners connect together.
Business owners connect together..

As amongst During the event, a representative from BNI Abundance in the HN2 region also presented the member's report on the chapter's most desired positions. Consequently, these industries consist of general medical clinics, stationery, non-life insurance, construction materials, cosmetics, beauty salons, auto trading, packaging printing, gold, and silver. invaluable life skills training

It is well-known that this is a significant event for creating effective business networking opportunities, thereby laying the groundwork for the stable and sustainable growth of BNI Abundance member businesses in the region. HN2.

Bao Trinh – Anh Duc

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