Van Don is about to become the fifth city in Quang Ninh.

DNHN - Recently, the People's Committee of Van Don district, Quang Ninh province issued Decision No. 2726/QD-UBND approving the proposal to recognize the area expected to become Van Don City, Quang Ninh province as meeting the criteria.


With the addition of Van Don as a city, Quang Ninh will continue to have the most cities in the country, with a total of five. Currently, there are four cities in Quang Ninh: Ha Long, Mong Cai, Cam Pho, and Uong Bi. Besides, Quang Ninh has two towns: Quang Yen and Dong Trieu.

Accordingly, the scope of the proposed Project encompasses the entire Van Don district boundary area, which has a total natural area of approximately 2,171.33 km2. The natural land area is 581.83 km2, and there are 12 administrative units, including one Cai Rong town and eleven communes (Dong Xa, Ha Long, Doan Ket, Quan Lan, Minh Chau, Tai Xuyen, Binh Dan, Van Yen, Thang Loi, and Ngoc Vung). The population of the district is 49,046 people.

The anticipated urban area (recognized as a class IV urban area by Decision No. 973/QD-BXD dated August 21, 2015, of the Ministry of Construction) consists of Cai Rong Town and Dong Xa and Ha Long communes with a total land area of 51.33km2 and a permanent population of 32,278.

The suburban area consists of nine communes (Doan Ket, Quan Lan, Minh Chau, Tai Xuyen, Van Yen, Ngoc Vung, Ban Sen, Thang Loi, and Binh Dan) with a total area of 532.6 km2 and a permanent population of 16,768.

The Project's content includes the following essential elements that must be implemented: Reason and requirement; A historical overview of the formation and growth of the Van Don district.

The People's Committee of Van Don district assessed the current state of urban development and the quality of infrastructure works in Van Don district. Based on the current status of basic standards for urban classification, compare and contrast them with the standards prescribed for each type of urban area in Resolution No. 1210/2016/UBTVQH13 dated May 25, 2016, and Resolution No. No. 26/2022/UBTVQH15 dated September 21, 2022, of the National Assembly Standing Committee on urban classification on stipulating standards of urban classification criteria and scoring method with five specific criteria encoded by the 63rd.

According to the plan approved by the Prime Minister, the province of Quang Ninh will have thirteen administrative units and thirteen urban areas by 2025. Twelve urban areas will maintain their existing classification, while Van Don will be upgraded from class IV to class III.

Nam Tri Duc

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