Signing between Dong Thap and the JAMWEI Institute in Japan created several new chances for collaboration

DNHN - The two parties will work together to plan exchange events, swap delegates to share experiences and offer professional training in the areas of health, education, high-tech agriculture, and advancing the look for agricultural export markets.

Online signing ceremonies are used.
Online signing ceremonies are used..

A memorandum of understanding was signed on September 27 in the early hours between the Dong Thap People's Committee and the Japan Research Institute of Education, Health, and Welfare (JAMWEI Institute), creating the door for future collaboration in a variety of areas.

The two sides will coordinate to organize exchange activities, exchange delegations to learn experiences and professional training in the fields of health, education, high-tech agriculture, search promotion, etc., search for export markets for agricultural products, and many other fields of mutual interest, according to the content of the signed agreement.

According to Mr Doan Tan Buu, vice chairman of the Dong Thap Provincial People's Committee, this collaboration is anticipated to create several chances for the province and its Japanese partners to work together in a variety of new disciplines, starting with project collaboration. initiatives for land reclamation, looking for export markets, and processing technologies. To efficiently manage the implementation of the agreed contents, Mr Buu proposed provincial departments and branches based on their allocated roles and responsibilities.

To increase the value of lotus plants through value-added goods, JAMWEI Institute assists Dong Thap province in studying and processing lotus products. Assisting Dong Thap University and Dong Thap Community College with training and scientific research in many specialities like Hi-tech Agriculture, Land Management, Aquaculture, Technology IT digitized information; connecting and introducing Japanese organizations and enterprises participating in several projects calling for cooperation and investment in the agricultural sector.

In parallel, JAMWEI Institute will cooperate with Dong Thap Medical College to arrange to counsel and educate students who have graduated from high school but are still enrolled in courses at the university about the roles of nursing care providers and other system support personnel. the concept of the health benefits village at JAMWEI system and its partners; established the program to send managers, professors, and medical personnel from the university to Japan to gain experience and train in the Onishi clinic system, the aged health care system.

Dong Thap is anticipated to put together a delegation in November to collaborate closely with JAMWEI Institute to discuss explicitly and promptly promote the signed contents.


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