Hoa Binh Tien Ngan Trade Investment Co., Ltd exports the first shipment of fresh sugarcane to the US

DNHN - On March 19, Tien Ngan Trade Investment Co., Ltd., in partnership with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Hoa Binh province, exported the first shipment of fresh sugarcane to the United States market.

Hoa Binh is a land with numerous specialties, including fresh sugarcane varieties such as purple sugarcane and white sugarcane juice. All of these sugarcane varieties are old, of high quality, soft, and sweet, and suitable for fresh eating and drinking juice.

Hoa Binh white sugarcane
Hoa Binh white sugarcane.

In addition, the land and climate of Hoa Binh have made its sugarcane famous throughout the provinces and cities for many years. With the first shipment of fresh sugarcane to the U.S. market, the agricultural industry of Hoa Binh province will continue to promote its initial successes, paving the way for many other agricultural products of the province to continue to expand their market share.

Sugarcane has significant export potential. In addition, sugarcane is a highly suitable industrial crop for the climate and soil conditions of Hoa Binh province, which can be developed and expanded to produce more goods. high economic productivity.

While Vietnam's sugar exports are in a "backward-to-the-wall" position, the country's sugarcane businesses have opened a promising new direction.

Throughout the years, Tien Ngan Trade Investment Co., Ltd. has exported nearly 100 tons of sugarcane to the European Union, Korea, and...

After more than four months of direct negotiations with the United States, Tien Ngan Trading Investment Co., Ltd. made efforts to find solutions to overcome obstacles and signed the contract to export the first 20-ton order. In addition to seeking solutions to stabilize production, the company has signed contracts with cooperatives in Hoa Binh province to provide seeds and fertilizers. As a result, farmers do not have to worry about the value of their sugarcane crop diminishing.

The first container load of white sugarcane exported to the United States market weighed a total of 17,3 tons. Tien Ngan Commercial Investment Co., Ltd. and New Production Technology and Development Co., Ltd. purchase, process, and package white sugarcane directly. Vina Agri Import Company in the United States is responsible for documents and logistics. This batch of sugarcane is accompanied by ten sugarcane juice machines. This detail demonstrates that, even though the product has only recently begun production, it has segmented customers at the point of consumption.

Workers of Tien Ngan Company pack sugarcane for export
Workers of Tien Ngan Company pack sugarcane for export.

"The company is anticipated to export between 300 and 500 tons of sugarcane to foreign markets in 2023. Hopefully, these initial successes will establish a foundation for the company to continue expanding the market and introducing the tree to consumers. Hoa Binh province's sugarcane exports to the global market are continually increasing, contributing to the growth of the province's middle sugar industry "said Director Nguyen Le Diep.

Mr. Nguyen Le Diep, director of Tien Ngan Trade Investment Co., Ltd., is hopeful that the People's Committee of the Lac Son district (Hoa Binh) will support the construction of raw material areas, as well as the production and export purchase of fresh sugarcane. The material area is from 10 to 12 hectares; concurrently, creating favorable conditions for enterprises to invest in warehouse infrastructure to purchase sugarcane and preliminarily process and pack sugarcane; assisting the company to improve sugarcane quality for export...

Consequently, the company commits to purchasing all products with technical assurance under contracts signed with organizations, cooperatives, and cooperative groups; investing in production materials and recovering capital after purchasing products; and fostering the growth of sugarcane material areas.

Lam Bang

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