DNHN - Tuc Dup, a rare mountain marvel located at the foot of To mountain in the Phung Hoang Son range, was created by a unique supernatural hand. The terrain is undulating due to each layer of magnificent green mountain rocks, forming an elongated bow.

This location is also a popular tourist destination because it is always filled with mysteries, legends, and historical artifacts. Visitors to Tuc Dup appear to be lost in a magical realm, as the majestic landscape and pristine beauty overwhelm them. A "green paradise" to immerse oneself in, enjoy, and experience.

Holy Mural
Holy Mural.

Tuc Dup has "turned around" with the beautiful and charming appearance of a "green address" and evolved into an ideal ecotourism destination over the years. A true haven for nature-loving souls, where one can experience the sensation of merging with the sky and clouds...

Lost in the scenery
Lost in the scenery.

Tuc Dup has always been an unforgettable destination, not only because of the enchanted beauty of "Son Ky Thuy Tu," but also because of its incarnation as a historical witness, recalling a difficult period with fire smoke. The "two million dollar hill" is legendary. Standing in a hail of bombs and bullets, the shield was transformed into bronze and rendered immortal.

The mountain whispered
The mountain whispered.
Castle of the flaming flower
Castle of the flaming flower.

As a location imbued with hues and traces of conflict, Tuc Dup now possesses an abundance of indescribable pristine beauty. Colorful blossoms bearing buds. The path to the red phoenix in the summer, the sweet spring with bougainvillea, and the color of forest orchids in the fall... On the hill in the distance, ten thousand years of life are thriving. Corner of a colorful flower park. The message's shadow, the shade of the poplar.

Safe and sound
Safe and sound.

Tuc Dup is also connected to the fairy legend. In the early days of this area, the girls used to walk around and rest on the top of Co To. Occasionally naughty and playful. According to legend, the small hills that form are cobblestones thrown by girls. The stream flows from the rocky fissures, winding its way through these small hills to create numerous fantastical scenes.

Fairy tail of the sacred mountain
Fairy tail of the sacred mountain.
Blended in with the majestic green
Blended in with the majestic green.

"Green tourism" gives the tourism industry a new perspective. The habits of young people who are passionate about travel have evolved somewhat in recent years. Instead of focusing on crowded urban areas, getting lost among skyscrapers, floating between traffic lanes, or locking yourself in a comfortable hotel, you should consider rural areas. Now they choose to return to nature, immerse themselves in an endless sea of green, get close to plants and flowers, and rely on nature to heal and restore them.

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