World Record for ROBOT Alkaline Ionised Water Purifier

DNHN - After setting Vietnamese and Asian records, ROBOT Company has continued to research and develop a range of floor-standing alkaline ionised water purifiers, the first of their kind in the world.

The World Record Union has confirmed the World Record for ROBOT’s product. A World Record is generally understood to be the best, highest, fastest, largest, or a specific standard that is established globally in a particular field. These records can belong to many different fields, from sports, science, and art, to special achievements in business production and everyday life. To be recognised as a World Record, the achievement must be thoroughly verified and must surpass all previous records in a similar field. In addition, the record verification process must be transparent and accurate.

Mr Tran Van Phat - CEO of ROBOT Company representing the company received the World Record
Mr Tran Van Phat - CEO of ROBOT Company represented the company to receive the World Record.

After 6 months of registration, the product was verified and evaluated by the World Record Union, and the ROBOT floor-standing alkaline ionised water purifier was determined to be the only one of its kind in the world today. Not only is it new, but it is also highly practical for everyday life, making the new record valuable to the community. The details of the product’s construction and the unique features developed by the ROBOT engineering team set the product apart.

At the ceremony commemorating the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Record Organisation, along with 10 units from various countries, the ROBOT product was recognised and honoured on stage and was awarded a World Record certificate.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Biswaroop, President of the World Record Union, expressed his admiration for the talent of Vietnamese organisations and people, among whom many achievements have entered the global mainstream. Mr Biswaroop also said that as a nutritionist and director of the World Nutrition Institute, he had chosen to install the ROBOT alkaline ionised water purifier in the HIIMS hospital system in India to provide a valuable source of water for the health of users, especially patients with chronic diseases.

Delegates attended the event
Delegates attended the event.

At the ceremony, Dr Le Doan Hop, former Minister of Information and Communications and Chairman of the Record Verification Council, expressed his joy and pride in being among the ranks of Vietnam’s brightest talents. Vietnamese individuals and businesses have brought many achievements to the country and the world. He expressed his hope that the country’s bright future will take off with the great potential of the country from the minds of intelligent Vietnamese people.

The ROBOT alkaline ionised water purifier integrates a series of necessary and unique functions in the electrolysis market, including the ionKing, ionQueen, ionSmart, and ionPrince models. The machine uses an electrolysis unit with 3 to 13 titanium electrodes coated with platinum in a solid cast form with a large size and contact area, ensuring the best electrolysis efficiency. The filter system and electrolysis unit are imported from South Korea, and the Sumitomo ion exchange membrane from Japan, combined with the intelligence and technology invented by the Vietnamese engineering team.

The ROBOT alkaline ionised water purifier meets all the criteria for quality, technology, price, and service
The ROBOT alkaline ionised water purifier meets all the criteria for quality, technology, price, and service.

The product integrates ROBOT’s exclusive RMC-LCD microcontroller technology, which optimises the quality of electrolysed water rich in natural hydrogen, completely without the use of chemicals.

The ROBOT alkaline ionised water purifier can provide up to 14 types of beneficial electrolysed and hot and cold water, with a pH of 3.5-11.0, meeting all usage needs and can be adjusted and changed according to the characteristics of the input water source.

For the ionSmart, ionQueen, and ionKing models, ROBOT uses QuikHEAT smart heating technology, which upgrades the convenience of use to a new level, allowing users to quickly and accurately select the temperature and volume of hot water they need. This breakthrough function has set a series of Vietnamese, Asian, and world records. The product has also been certified as a medical device and meets European electrical safety standards.

This product can be said to be the choice for families, businesses, and entrepreneurs as a meaningful New Year’s gift for healthcare.

Bich Lien - Van Su

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