Viettel ranks second in global telecoms brand index

DNHN - Viettel has created positive perceived value from customers through innovation and a focus on the environment and community.


The Army Industry - Telecommunications Group (Viettel) recently announced that Brand Finance, the world’s leading organisation from the UK, has just published the Global Brand Value Rankings. The Viettel Group has become the second strongest telecommunications brand in the world, surpassing many large telecommunications providers such as Swisscom (Switzerland), Jio (India), STC (Saudi Arabia), etc.

Brand Finance is the world’s leading brand valuation company, founded in 1996 and headquartered in London, UK. The company now has a presence in over 20 countries worldwide.

Each year, Brand Finance values over 70,000 brands worldwide, and this is the ninth year that Vietnam has been included in the list of countries valued by Brand Finance, with Brand Finance Asia Pacific (headquartered in Singapore) responsible for announcing the list.

According to Brand Finance, Viettel’s Brand Strength Index (BSI) is 89.4/100, ranked AAA - the highest level in years and an increase of 4.2 points compared to 2023. The BSI is determined based on the results of surveys, analysis and evaluation of attributes including customer sentiment about the brand (perception, affection, etc.) and customer behaviour with the brand (use of products and services, willingness to recommend to others, willingness to pay a higher price, etc.).

The BSI is the most important factor contributing to Viettel’s brand value of approximately US$9 billion, helping Viettel maintain its position as the number one telecommunications brand in Southeast Asia, ranked ninth in Asia and up one place in the world to 16th.

Top 10 global telecoms brand index
Top 10 global telecoms brand index.

Alex Haigh, Managing Director of Brand Finance Asia Pacific, explained that Viettel’s significant increase in BSI is due to its strong commitment to digital transformation and sustainable development. Viettel has created positive perceived value from customers through innovation and a focus on the environment and community.

Viettel currently maintains its position as the most comprehensive digital ecosystem provider with six core areas including digital infrastructure, digital solutions, digital finance, digital content, cybersecurity and high-tech manufacturing. Viettel’s digital solutions and services hold the number one market share in the fields of healthcare, education and provincial government.

In addition, in 2023, Viettel developed a sustainability report with the theme “Technology with heart”, focusing on six key areas: high-quality human resources, digital social creation, information security, climate change, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, smart green data centres, transparent governance and accountability. The key areas identified reflect the aspiration to use technology and core capabilities to address social issues, improve people’s lives and promote sustainable development.

Phuong Ha

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