Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 was crowned by the Long An beauty

DNHN - The national final night of Miss Grand Vietnam - Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 took place on the evening of October 1.

Miss Grand Vietnam - Miss Hoa Binh Vietnam 2022 conducted the national final night on October 1, 2022, at 19:30 at Phu Tho Gymnasium (HCMC) to discover the future representative of Vietnam. Nam will soon visit the Miss Grand International 2022 venue in Indonesia.

The final night is a competition between 50 very gifted and gutsy young women. Each contender brings their sense of pride to this inaugural challenge by singing the name of their community.


Everyone deserves to win the coveted title and represent Vietnam in the world arena, according to the path of the 50 greatest girls of Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 this year. Because each candidate's efforts and attempts over the last month have partly proved their talent and fearlessness.

The swimsuit competition took held against the backdrop of Summer -We Got It mashup music, with A Hau Kieu Loan, Ngoc Thao, and the top 50 participants appearing. Contestants can be inventive when blending hand moves and body forms, in addition to performing skilled catwalk steps.


The top 20 contestants were announced as follows: Bui Ly Thien Huong, Nguyen Thi Hong Tuyet, Dinh Thi My Ai, Vo Thi Thuong, Chu Le Vi Anh, Le Thi Hong Hanh, Tran Thi Thuy Tram, Tran Nguyen Minh Thu, Nguyen Thi Diem, Pham Thuy Duong, Tran Tuyet Nhu, Ngo Thi Quynh Mai, Nguyen Tieu Hong

The top 20 candidates wore an orange one-piece bikini to the swimsuit competition. Following the training procedure, flawless beauties display their lovely bodies and confident walks. The majority of the candidates use bouncing and dancing moves to emphasize their performances.

Following the swimsuit performance, the top 15 Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 were revealed: Vu Thi Thao Ly, Nguyen Thi Hong Tuyet, Tran Thi Thuy Tram, Vo Thi Thuong, Chu Le Vi Anh, Le Thi Hong Hanh, Tran Nguyen Minh Thu, Tran Tuyet Nhu, Ngo Thi Quynh Mai, Nguyen Tieu Hong, Do Tran Tue Anh, Bui Ly Thien Huong

The top 15 finalists entered the evening gown performance round with stunning designs and daring cuts in keeping with the contest's entertainment theme.

Do Tran Tue Anh has won the "Inspiring Beauty" award. As a result, she is the first candidate to be named among the top ten finalists. Contestant Do Trinh Quynh Nhu won the "Best Evening Dress" prize for her precise stone pattern coupled with tassels. Contestant Nguyen Tam Nhu received the "Best Self-Introduction Video" award, and Vo Thi Thuong won the "Best Catwalk" award.

Do Tran Tue Anh, Tran Tuyet Nhu, Ngo Thi Quynh Mai, Nguyen Thi Hong Tuyet, Tran Nguyen Minh Thu, Bui Ly Thien Huong, Chu Le Vi Anh, Che Nguyen Quynh Chau, Doan Thien An, and Le Minh Phuong were among the top ten names. Quynh Nhu, a contestant, earned the Best Evening Performance award but did not make the Top 10. The top ten finalists were treated to a peace presentation in ao dai by two designers, Le Long Dung and Than Nguyen An Kha.

Top 10 Miss Grand Vietnam 2022
Top 10 Miss Grand Vietnam 2022.

Che Nguyen Quynh Chau, Tran Tuyet Nhu, Tran Nguyen Minh Thu, Ngo Thi Quynh Mai, and Doan Thien An were among the five competitors that took part in the behavioural exam.

The last night of Miss Vietnam Peace 2022 has concluded after more than 4 hours of preparation. Doan Thien An with a wonderful face, a height of 1.75 m, and a body of 88.5 - 66 - 98 cm officially became Miss Peace Vietnam 2022 with competent behaviour and confident performance.

Thien An received the following question from Miss Ha Kieu Anh during the top 5 behaviour contest: "What do you think about the idea that most young people nowadays are apathetic, selfish, and emotionless?". Thien An responded: "A feeling is insensitivity, apathy, or selfishness. It exists in everyone, not just teenagers. Instead of condemning, why are they this way? Let us educate our children so that they perceive the family as a place where they may learn excellent manners."

Doan Thien An, Miss Grand Vietnam 2022, and the runner-ups
Doan Thien An, Miss Grand Vietnam 2022, and the runner-ups.

Che Nguyen Quynh Chau was named first runner-up, while Tran Tuyet Nhu was named second runner-up. Beauty Tran Nguyen Minh Thu is the contender who finished third. Ngo Thi Quynh Mai, the girl with dimples, stopped the fourth runner-up.


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