Hoa Binh: The business community is at the forefront of a nationwide effort to unite in support of the impoverished.

DNHN - Pioneering the emulation movement, the business community of Hoa Binh province upholds the spirit and social responsibility of the community while concentrating on restoring production and business following the pandemic.

Hoa Binh Provincial Tax Department awarded bicycles to poor students who overcome difficulties.
Hoa Binh Provincial Tax Department awarded bicycles to poor students who overcome difficulties..

As stated by Mr Tran Duc Truong, Deputy Head of the Fund Campaign Committee "For the Poor" of Hoa Binh province and Vice Chairman of the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee, in response to the Prime Minister's "The entire nation unites for the impoverished; no one is left behind" emulation movement, there were 260 units within and outside the province contributing to the "For the Poor" fund with a total of more than t from September 2022 to October 2023. Nearly 21,500 million VND have been allocated by the Fund Management Board for the construction of 387 new houses, the support of gift-giving to impoverished households, and scholarship assistance for impoverished students.

When discussing the involvement of the business community in Hoa Binh province with the "For the poor – Leaving no one behind" campaign, Mr Tran Duc Truong expressed gratitude and recognition for the contributions made by the business sector in the province. Mr. Truong confirmed that the business community is the campaign's pioneering force. The assistance provided by businesses in the province has rekindled the nation's tradition of "mutual love" and benevolence, enabling numerous impoverished and near-poor households to improve their circumstances and contributing to the effective execution of objectives, responsibilities, and resolutions to implement the National Target Programme on sustainable poverty reduction in Hoa province Jar from 2021 to 2015.

Luong Son District Business Association awarded 500 million VND to support the
Luong Son District Business Association awarded 500 million VND to support the "For the Poor" Fund of Hoa Binh province..

At this time, the province of Hoa Binh is reported to have more than 3,300 operational businesses. More than three times during the Peak Month to support the construction of the "For the Poor" Fund in 2022, businesses contributed to the fund's launch ceremony. Hoa Binh Provincial Business Association, Hoang Son Energy Investment – Construction – Trading Joint Stock Company, and Luong Son District Business Association each contributed 500 million VND per unit of the 3 billion VND investment. 559 Commercial Construction Joint Stock Company contributed 300 million VND, Sao Vang Construction and Development Investment Joint Stock Company contributed 200 million VND, and Investment and Development Company Limited contributed 200 million VND on behalf of Da Hop Education System. 200 million VND for commercial construction in Phong. Hoa Binh Province Young Business Association, Anh Ky Investment and Development Joint Stock Company, Dinh Nhuan Trading Joint Stock Company, Kim Boi District Business Association, Lac Son District Business Association, and Joint Stock Company Son are examples of enterprises. 100 million VND per business for Thuy, 138,588 million VND for Hoa Binh PC... Thirty-three businesses that are members of the Hoa Binh Provincial Business Association have contributed over 3.3 billion in gifts to the province's poor in observance of Tet Quy Mao 2023. Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, BIDV Hoa Binh Bank, Truong Hai Hoa Binh Automobile Co., Ltd., and BIDV Hoa Binh Bank each contributed 200 million VND. Vietinbank contributed 1 billion VND. 613 million VND, Hoa Binh branch, Trading Joint Stock Company Vinh Son Cement Company Limited: 113 million VND; Da Hop Trade: 100 million VND; Phu My Group: 150 million VND.A warm and joyous Tet has been brought to impoverished households by gifts from businesses.

Da Hop Trading Joint Stock Company awarded 500 million VND to support the COVID-19 Prevention Fund of Hoa Binh province.
Da Hop Trading Joint Stock Company awarded 500 million VND to support the COVID-19 Prevention Fund of Hoa Binh province..

In conjunction with providing direct assistance at the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee through initiatives such as the "Raising Children to School" Programme, "For the Poor" Fund, "Gratitude" Fund, and "For Victims of Agent Orange" Fund, businesses situated in the city, districts, and communes contributed hundreds of billions of dong to local authorities. These donations were intended to assist impoverished households and those facing adversity in resolving their issues, thereby revitalising the province. The practical outcomes facilitated by the Business Community's support and contributions have enabled hundreds of impoverished households to vacate temporary housing, construct stable dwellings, and establish permanent residences.

Mr. Ha Hien Nhien, Chairman of the Mai Chau District's Veterans Businessmen Association and Member of the Executive Committee of the Hoa Binh Province Business Association, told reporters of Business & Integration Magazine that Mai Chau is a regional district. The province of Hoa Binh continues to have a high poverty rate of 20.79 per cent. Veteran households (CCB), particularly those residing in remote villages, extremely difficult regions, and ethnic minority areas, continue to face numerous material and production capital constraints. High demand exists for housing. To assist those families, members of the Association's Executive Committee have been tasked with monitoring the local area closely, understanding the challenging circumstances and requirements of each member, and devising a campaign strategy accordingly. Members support the "Companionship" Fund with both small and large contributions of cash, materials, labour days, children, and seedlings, all in the spirit of teamwork. The Association participated directly in the construction of six new "Comrades' Gratitude" houses over five years (1919-2023) to provide housing for soldiers and war invalids in dire circumstances. Providing thousands of fish fingerlings and thousands of seedlings to CCB households experiencing hardship, as well as visiting and assisting members regularly when they are ill or injured. While the Association may not be substantial in material goods, the sense of responsibility, affection, and camaraderie that exists between its members and the organisation is enormous and extremely significant. The economy remains challenging even though, as a mountainous district inhabited by more than 80% ethnic minorities, the CCB team organising the District CCB Businessmen's Association is quite sizable with nearly 80 members, many of whom have attained leadership positions. Supporting the district's "For the Poor" Fund with hundreds of millions of dong annually, the cooperative, which is led by the company's most important executive, is thriving. In 2022, 559 Commercial Construction Joint Stock Company contributed 300 million VND to the Fund "For the Poor" of Mai Chau district, an additional 300 million VND to the Fund "For the Poor" of Hoa Binh province, and tens of millions of VND in gifts to the Fund "For the Poor" of Hoa Binh province. for poor households and policy families during traditional national holidays and festivals.

The stilt house of the CCB family was renewed with the contribution of the
The stilt house of the CCB family was renewed with the contribution of the "Companionship" Fund of the CCB Mai Chau Businessmen's Association..

Da Hop Trading Joint Stock Company engages in construction investment, real estate development (including the construction of worker housing and clusters, residential infrastructure, and industrial zones), education, the clean water industry, electricity generation, high-tech agriculture, and health care. The organisation has established itself as a prominent enterprise in Hoa Binh province for an extended period, striving to achieve the following: Establishing itself as a knowledge-based enterprise that makes substantial investments in social security; Providing products and services that surpass customer expectations; having Capacity to penetrate the global market; Creating advantages for the community, the government, and businesses. The leaders of Da Hop Company reaffirmed that social security is a mission to generate value and positive change for the community and society, in addition to responsibility. In light of this, Da Hop Trading Joint Stock Company has made numerous contributions in recent years to ensure social security in Hoa Binh province, including contributions of 500 million VND to the Covid-19 Prevention Fund of Hoa Binh province, 200 million VND to the "For the Poor" Fund, and 100 million VND to Tet holiday gifts for the poor in 2023. Additionally, the organisation annually bestows gifts upon impoverished students who surmount obstacles to excel academically and assists impoverished families in their efforts to better themselves. A housing repair and new rural construction programme worth hundreds of millions of dong will be implemented in the area.

Social activities are inextricably linked to the production and commerce of the business community in Hoa Binh province; thus, they are an essential component of the business culture of a virtuous community.

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